The AMERICAN Qualifiers

Once again this year Pro Rough Stock will serve as the official sanctioning body for bareback and saddle bronc open qualifying to RFD-TV's The AMERICAN semi-finals. Riders must make it through the semi-finals to The AMERICAN finals on Sunday, February 28, 2016, to be eligible for the $1 million bonus payout.

Format Change
The PRS will no longer be holding separate AMERICAN qualifier events in conjunction with their PRS regular season tour events.

Instead, beginning with the PRS Frontier Challenge in Loveland, riders can designate their regular season PRS long-go ride as an American Qualifier as well. To designate your ride as a qualifier you will be required to pay an additional $750 entry fee.

Schedule of Qualifiers
You can choose to designate your PRS ride in the following events:
          Oct. 3- Loveland, Colorado (PRS Frontier Challenge)
          Oct. 17- Park City, KS (PRS Midwest Classic)
          Oct. 29- Louisville, KY (Day 1-Duel in the Dirt with World's Toughest)
          Oct. 30- Louisville, KY (Day 2-Duel in the Dirt with World's Toughest)
          Nov. 14- Rapid City, SD (Rapid City Open)
         Jan. 15- Amarillo, TX (PRS World Finals)

        PRS may choose to hold a specialty AMERICAN qualifying event. Details will be released later.

How Do I Designate my Ride?
Simply indicate on your response to the PRS event entry email your desire to designate your ride as an AMERICAN qualifier. When you arrive at the event, you will need to pay your normal PRS entry fee ($160 with an optional $38 insurance) and the additional $750.

Where Does my $750 Entry Fee Go?
Of the entry fee, $250 goes to The AMERICAN as the entry fee and the other $500 goes to the prize pool for payout at the PRS event (25%), the AMERICAN semi-finals (25%) and The AMERICAN finals (50%)

Payout at the PRS Event
The American Qualifier sidepot payout at PRS events will be as follows:
• Up to 12 contestants- (Top 3 payout 45%, 35% and 20%)
• 13-15 contestants- (Top 4 payout 40%. 30%, 20%, 10%)
• 15 or more – (Payout will be determined)

Example: If 12 riders choose to enter their long-go rides as AMERICAN qualifying rides the payout would be: 1st place- $675 2nd place- $525 3rd place- $300.

Who Advances to the AMERICAN Semi-Finals?
The top three scores among bareback and saddle bronc designated rides will advance to The AMERICAN semi-finals in Ft. Worth in February 2016.
     • The top 3 designated long-go scores from Loveland.
     • The top 3 designated long-go scores from Park City.
     • The top 3 designated long-go scores from Louisville.
     • The top 3 designated long-go scores from Rapid City.
     • The top 3 designated long-go scores from Amarillo.
      • From 3 to 5 top finishers from a potential PRS specialty qualifying event.

What About the PRS World Champion?
The 2015 PRS World Champion gets an automatic berth into the semi-finals and the $750 entry is waived. Also the runner-up and third place riders in the final PRS World Standings advance but they are required to pay or have paid the $750 entry fee to be eligible for inclusion in The AMERICAN semi-finals.

Please note:
If any PRS rider finishes in the Top 10 in the NFR that rider receives a bid straight to The AMERICAN finals and is not eligible for $1 million. RFD-TV will not drop down to the next PRS contestant.

If any PRS rider must forfeit or chooses to forfeit a semi-final qualification, RFD-TV will not drop down to the next PRS contestant.

The PRS will not unveil the stock draw to the contestants until as close to the live event as possible and cannot offer a withdrawal of qualifying attempt unless a doctors note is provided for a health reason.

Is There A Cap on Entries?
The PRS wants to give any cowboy a chance to qualify for The AMERICAN semi-finals. Therefore, with bareback and saddle bronc entries there is no cap. But this reminder; you must pay the PRS entry fee and The AMERICAN qualifying fee to have your ride designated. Also, if you'd like the points from your ride to count in the PRS regular season standings, you will need to purchase a PRS Card to make that happen. But the purchase of a PRS Card is not mandatory to enter the event.

What if I Have Other Questions?
You may direct them to PRS secretary Cindy O'Neall at this email address. Please indicate "PRS/AMERICAN Qualifier Question" in the subject line if you would.

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The 2015 Road to the American

The stage is set for THE AMERICAN; the largest, richest one-day rodeo in the history of the sport. Five bareback and five saddle bronc riders from each of the five qualifiers will earn a trip to The American semi-finals. New for 2015 are qualifiers from the National HS Finals, National Collegiate Finals and the Calgary Stampede. From the semi-finals, the top five finishers in bareback and saddle bronc riding will advance to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for The American, March 1st, 2015.

SOMETHING ELSE NEW FOR 2015: For the first time, the Pro Rough Stock World Champions in bareback and saddle bronc, to be crowned in February, will earn an automatic berth directly into The AMERICAN at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, March 1, 2015. These riders will not be eligible for the $1 million dollar bonus.

Also, the second and third place finishers at the PRS World Finals will earn a berth to The AMERICAN semi-finals in Ft. Worth, TX

The infographic below outlines the path to The AMERICAN. Below the graphic are the current qualifiers through the PRS system.

2015 american map

Amarillo, TX Qualifiers:

Bareback   SCORE
Steven Dent Mullen, NE 90.0
Chris Harris Itasca, TX 85.0
Taylor Broussard Estherwood, LA 81.0
Taylor Price Huntsville, TX 80.5
Cimmaron Gerke Brighton, CO 80.0
Saddle Bronc   SCORE
Shade Etbauer Goodwell, OK 86.5
Jesse Kirby Dodge City, KS 86.0
Ty Atchison Colony, OK 82.0
Dalton Davis Holcomb, KS 81.0
Preston Burr Stratford, TX 80.0
Rapid City Qualifiers:
Bareback   SCORE
Chad Rutherford Itasca TX 83
Joe Gunderson Agar SD 81.5
Jared Keylon Uniontown KS 80.5
Winn Ratliff Leesville LA 79
Bill Tutor Huntsville TX 77.5
Saddle Bronc   SCORE
Steven Dent Mullen NE 80
Jesse Bail Camp Crook SD 75.5
Layton Green Meeting Creek AB CA 73
Nat Stratton Goodwell OK 67.5
Clint Hopping Franklin TX 67
Salina, KS Qualifiers:
Bareback   SCORE
Tilden Hooper Carthage TX 88
Cameron Hopper McCall ID 85
Tanner Burgener Douglas WY 79.5
Hunter Carter Kissimmee FL 79
Brian Bain Redmond OR 75.5
Saddle Bronc   SCORE
Troy Crowser Whitewood SD 85.5
Allen Boone Axtell UT 82
Dylan Henson Weatherford OK 81
Wyatt Thurston Hyannis NE 77.5
Dustin Moody Visali CA 75.5
Loveland, CO Qualifiers:
Bareback   SCORE
A.J. Coletti Pueblo, CO 82.0
Tyler Nelson Victor, ID 80.0
Seth Hardwick Laramie, WY 80.0
Josi Young Buhl, ID 79.0
Ryan Gray Reardan, WA 79.0
Saddle Bronc   SCORE
Zeke Thurston Hyannis, NE 84.0
Tyrell Smith Cascade, MT 79.0
Luke Butterfield Panoka, AB 75.0
Erik Wolford Belle Fourche, SD 74.0
Ray Tom Meiers Mills, WY 73.0


PRS Staff | April 27, 2015

During the performance on Saturday, April 25, 2015 there was an unfortunate accident involving one of Joe Wimberly's bulls.

While bucking, the bull suffered a life-threatening injury and was euthanized. Production Executive and World Champion Cowboy Kelly Timberman said, "The PRS laments the loss of the bull. Rough stock rodeo is a very physical and dangerous sport and injuries to riders are a risk they willingly accept. It is very rare but no less unfortunate that our animal athletes also sustain career ending and in some cases life threatening injuries."

"WOW was a 10 year old bull and I'd raised him from a calf," said stock contractor, Joe Wimberly, WOW's owner. "It was an emotional situation and extremely difficult for everyone involved."

"Spectator, contestant and animal safety has always been a priority at the PRS," said Todd Marsh DVM, CEO of the Professional Rough Stock Series. "Although injuries to the cowboys occur frequently, less than one out of every thousand buck outs results in significant injuries to our animal athletes. Furthermore, career ending and life threatening complications are extremely rare in rough stock rodeo. We are all saddened at the loss of 'WOW'. Immediately following his injury, the owner and our staff had multiple consultations with large animal veterinary surgeons and took into careful consideration of the complications when determining how to proceed."

"In our efforts to continuously improve our processes, we are always reviewing our internal policies and will make adjustments as necessary with the continued focus on safety for our fans, cowboys, staff and animal athletes," said Marsh.


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